CSE Society

Mission and Vision

Visionen sind die Wegweiser für Innovationen

The CSE-Society

Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety actively promotes research and development in the area of Process and Plant Safety ensuring that competence is maintained in the industry. The safety of technical plants should be continuously checked and further enhanced.


The CSE -Society mission is …

1To develop the safest chemical processes and plants, the best safety devices and risk management strategies in line with the industrial needs and environmental requirements thereby conserving the natural resources.

2To train young professionals such that safety is practiced everywhere and safety is the order of the day.

3To deliver innovations regularly so as to ensure sustainable enhancement of safety in the process industry.

4To develop safety requirements further with a view to attain acceptable and similar levels of safety worldwide.

The CSE-Society wishes to involve …

  • Companies
  • Public institutions
  • Persons
interested in Process and Plant Safety in a strong based Society.
five professional people at the formal meeting.

CSE-Society is a charitable nonprofit organization

Members either as natural persons or sponsoring entities support the activities of the society.

The CSE Society has three tasks:

  • Partner with CSE Institute
  • Acquisition of research resources for the CSE Institute
  • Initialization of research projects and fostering of young professionals
CSE-Society has founded a renowned international institute whose activities training and research in the area of Process and Plant Safety are worldwide.


1Safety is dynamic and it changes day by day as the world gets more complex.

2Research and training ensure that competence is maintained in a sustainable manner thereby guaranteeing that Safety of Processes and technical plants.

3Innovations arising from research have made Process and Plant Safety attractive for the industry and for young academics.

4CSE is THE Process and Plant Safety research institute where the “High Potentials” of tomorrow are nurtured.

5CSE institute is a recognized worldwide as a well-known independent institute where all questions in the area of process and Plant safety are channeled.

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