Robert DAlessandro

The CSE Institute is an excellent concept for facilitating improvements in process and plant safety. Many on the current open issues in process safety require data obtained from large-scale laboratory equipment to unravel the underlying complex technical aspects. The CSE Institute, once fully established and financed, will be in a unique position to systematically obtained and analyze the necessary data. Thank you for taking on this important work.

Robert D’Alessandro
Evonik Corporation (retired)

Hans Pasman

My motivation to apply for membership I outlined in a few sentences below:

Although safety can always count on lip service, to make the wise decision to invest in strengthening process safety where hazards loom is a different matter. This is certainly true in times when resources are scarce. A high level of safety in complex process plant systems requires knowledge, methods and measures, and in particular motivated engineers educated in recognizing hazards and knowing how to counter those. It is laudable that the Centre of Safety Excellence and the CSE-Society initiative intends to counter the trend of the last few decades of increasing neglect of this branch of science and technology by academic institutions of chemical engineering. The Centre should become an European asset and its Ph.D. graduates contribute to a safe industry.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Pasman

TEES Research Professor
Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center
Texas A&M University, USA
Emeritus Professor Chemical Risk Management
Delft University of Technology, Delft NL