“Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety”

The CSE – Center of Safety Excellence stands for research and teaching in process and plant safety.

The benefits and risks of technologies must be balanced. They must be borne by the public. The risks of processes and technical equipment can be reduced if modern safety technology is systematically and consistently applied and implemented. This requires a safety-related way of thinking. This must be learned and trained.

Education, research and continuous training in the company are indispensable for the sustainable maintenance of competence. The CSE promotes the maintenance of competence in industry by initiating and promoting research projects for the training of young academics in safety technology.

The CSE Society supports …

  • Maintaining competence in safety technology
  • Education and research, current trends and future developments
  • The national and international exchange of experience in process and plant safety
  • Risk communication with the population

The CSE-Society is a community of members (companies, public institutions and private persons) who want to promote security technology in a sustainable way.


The CSE Society is a non-profit organization.

Organisation des CSE Center of Safety Excellence

CSE Organization

The CSE-Society Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Prozess- und Anlagensicherheit e.V. belongs to the CSE Center of Safety Excellence.

The CSE comprises the three institutions shown in the diagram.