Membership Fees


The membership fees are governed by the current version of the fee regulations. Members of the CSE-Society are personal members (natural persons) and supporting members (legal persons).

Legal persons pay a one-time admission fee at the beginning of membership, unless they are a public institution or an association.

The CSE-Society finances research projects for the promotion of young researchers and is dependent on your donation or donation in kind.


According to the valid fee regulations, the following regulations apply:

§ 2 Fees

Personal member

(natural person)

  • free of charge

No contribution | no admission fee

Personal members are requested to support the association by donating contributions. The donations are voluntary.

Sustaining member

(legal entity, e.g. association / institute)

  • free of charge

Cooperation Contract

Institutes at colleges / universities, institutions of public law or non-profit organizations / associations, etc. whose tasks include process and plant safety.

Sustaining member

(legal entity, e.g. company)

  • € 5000

One-off admission fee

Supporting members are asked to support the association with a voluntary annual donation of 1000 €.

Details of the membership fee or admission fee are regulated in the CSE Society’s fee regulations. In case of discrepancies, the current version of the fee regulations applies.


The fee regulations are subject to regular reviews and may be amended. Changes of membership fees or admission fees will be announced to the members at an early stage..