Benefits for members

I am a member of the CSE-Society – out of conviction!

As a personal member, I want to strengthen safety technology …

  • Promote young talents
  • Extending teaching at colleges and universities
  • Initiate research and development
  • Extend competencies
  • Bring a safety culture into companies

 Companies, associations, public institutions have further advantages from a sustaining membership.

 Sustaining members …

  • can apply for a seat on the scientific advisory board of the CSE Institute
  • actively shape the research direction in the scientific advisory board
  • regularly inform themselves in the scientific advisory board about the latest topics and trends in safety technology
  • are attractive companies and employers for students at colleges and universities
  • actively promote young talent and initiate research projects
  • support the independent and non-profit CSE Institute in the development of the latest security concepts
  • sustainably increase the safety of technical systems


Single admission fee, no membership fees!


Innovative companies rely on the core competence of process and plant safety. It is not enough to develop the technology in general, the safety of the plants must also be further developed. This requires innovative safety concepts.

Innovative companies have recognized that security must be lived dynamically. Security is not a “static” issue. 

  • Safety first – this principle should be lived everywhere in industry
  • Safety must always be developed anew
  • We need young talent in safety technology
  • Young talent secures competencies